2020, A Come Back Year


A new year, new decade and new goals, but first let’s reflect on 2019 goals.

Health: I failed in this category on the frequency, but did journal on occasion.

  • I plan on journaling at least weekly. I will be focusing on my thoughts and feelings to continuously grow.

Mental: I feel I succeeded in this category and was validated with being recognized as 2019 underwriter of the year by one of my agencies. 

  • Learn a new territory and new system at work

Spirit: This was a half win as I did read my daily devotional, but I didn’t travel to a new state this year.

  • Read a page a day of 365 Moments of Peace for a Woman’s Heart
  • Travel to 1 new state and possibly another country

My goal for 2020 is still broken down by categories, but I am adding a new spin to goal setting. I am going to add 3 things I want to do more of in 2020 and 3 things to do less as well as creating a theme for the year.

My 2020 Theme: Come Back: recover from a deficit.

The last 2 years I have felt that I have been going backwards. I thought my life was on the right path to achieving my goals. I had the perfect wedding, house, job, financial security and was preparing to start a family and in a blink of an eye it all starts slipping away.

I want 2020 to be my come back year and my goals for the year are:


  • Increase my water intake to 8 glasses a day. I am really lacking on my hydration skills lately.
  • Reduce my junk food intake. I have gotten in a bad habit of chocolates, chips and fast food.


  • Increase my business skills with monthly business development courses, books or coaching calls.
  • Reduce sacrificing my own physical, mental, and emotional health to please others.


  • Increase my God time with at least 30 mins a day for daily devotions, readings and prayers.
  • Reduce negative self talk. Apply what Kristin Sharpe mentioned at Linda Toupin’s finale. When a negative thought arises say out loud, Stop! Be Gone.

Happy New Year!



A Decade of Love, Loss and Lessons


This decade has been filled with change, pain, joy and so much growth.

In this decade I graduated from college, moved 8 times, bought and sold my first home, married and divorced, got my fur baby, a few job changes, started my blog and Mary Kay business, lots of travel, many new friendships and said goodbye to some loved ones.

Several things didn’t turn out like I had planned, yet some turned out better than imagined . The good and the bad are all part of God’s plan.

Highlights from this past decade:

Several beautiful weddings and celebrations filled with love!

Love and marriage led to lots of precious babies… seriously my friends make some cute kids!

Moved 8 times Terre Haute -French Lick- Medina- Richmond-Indy apartment- First Home in Indy- Fishers- Nashville

I played hostess with the mostest

I was a jet setter to 3 countries and 29 states! Total state count is 33 with the goal of 50 by 50.

Blessed with inspiring, strong, loving and supportive women #squad

Lessons – graduation to real world, dog mom, exploring new cities, golfing, fishing with an open face reel, fitness, overcoming obstacles, welcoming new experiences, and being grateful for every moment with my loved ones.

Began my Mary Kay business and started to regain my confidence

Overall top 3 lessons:

  1. Put it in God’s hands
  2. Show grace, gratitude and kindness towards yourself and others

Cheers to the decade that shaped me.

I’m looking forward to a bright future full of love , grace and gratitude!

Happy New Year!





With Veterans Day around the corner most people will pay tribute by honoring those who have served our country.

Have you ever thought about honor and what it means ? Until today I hadn’t really thought about the true extent. Today’s sermon at church was about honor. Honor means high respect; great esteem.

Do you honor your nation and veterans regularly? Do you honor your parents? Do you honor God?

The congregation received army men today as a reminder to pray for our nation and those who have served and still currently serve. I’m so grateful for the freedoms and blessings I have due to those who protect our nation. Thank you Veterans! I’m keeping this army man in my car as a simple reminder of gratitude along with a prayer reminder. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. Psalms 33:12

The Bible says honor thy mother and thy father. Kids don’t always honor their parents request. Can you imagine how much easier things would be if they did? As I get older I understand what that fully means. I am sorry to my mom and dad for the battles as I was growing up, but I’m grateful for their parenting. The expectations to follow God’s word, of honoring your parents created a strong sense of respect for them and authority figures. I think the value of respect that was instilled in me is a big driver in respecting myself and pushing to be the best person I can be.

A great question asked today was “how can you honor God?” This is a personal question for you, but how I’m choosing to honor him is by sharing my love and amazement of his work.

God has blessed me with some pretty amazing people in my life, who have helped me see his messages. I’m so grateful to have those who can help me grow in my faith. I hope God works through me to touch the hearts of others .



Oh there she is…


If you’ve been following along for the past 2 years you know my life has been filled with new challenges. Some of these challenges stretched me to grow and others, I unfortunately allowed them to break me. Through this wilderness season of many meltdowns I felt like I lost myself. I reflected that in my writing and eventually stopped adding to my blog as I didn’t want the gloom to overrun it. Luckily one of those gloom articles did spark something impactful. My dear friend Jessica saw my need and sent me a copy of Wilderness Skills for Women. I highly recommend this book if you are struggling with yourself and your faith.


My blog began as a creative way to help me through the gloom. My blog is my way of sharing with others that they are not alone in the ups and downs of life. I do believe mindset plays a big role on working through the lows. I had to get my mindset right in order to regain confidence in myself.

I’m so excited to share that I am finally seeing glimpses of myself again. The sides of me that I missed. The woman who wants to connect with the world and as many people as possible. The woman who wants to leave a positive impact and leave you smiling. The woman that is confident in who she is.

How did I get to this point? First I recognized with the help of loved ones that I needed to find something that would bring the qualities I missed back out.

What I found was an opportunity to connect with other women by helping them feel more confident. I have also connected with many beautiful souls that are helping me grow in my faith and business. I’m doing all this by becoming a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant.

Mary Kay is based on God/Faith first, family second and career third. I am so excited to share all the wonderful products that I love, connect with amazing women, strengthen my faith and grow my business!

If you are in the thick of your wilderness season know that it will not last forever!



Mental Health Awareness


If you have been following along, you know one of my 2019 goals is to focus on my mental health. May is mental health awareness month and I have some insight to share. I have been more aware of my feelings and those around me and I want to break my silence.

Life is hard and impacts everyone in a different way. The financial burdens, lack of work-life balance, poor health of yourself or loved ones, the negative noise from others tearing you down, postpartum depression/anxiety, grief and internal battles are very real and all around you.

Above examples are just some of the impacts I have witnessed occur in my circle or endured myself. I know there are more challenges that others have faced and some so severe I could not imagine the pain.

My pain is internal and I am still learning how to adjust my mindset to accept myself and where I am in life.

I come from a strong support system full of love and I am beyond grateful for that. Sometimes your support system is not enough and you need outside help and that’s ok. I highly encourage seeking guidance either through a therapist and/ or minister. My sophomore year of college was the first time I went to see a therapist and really began my journey of understanding myself.

I currently feel like I am starting from scratch trying to rediscover myself. In reflection I have been so driven to hit timeline marks that I missed the point in checking off the boxes and still feel like a failure.

Unfortunately, there have been a couple points in my life where I have let others tear me down through their coercive control. Learning it is impossible to rationalize with an irrational person was an eye opener. That realization took me a long time to understand it was not a failure on my part. Making multiple efforts to try to meet the needs of someone who is projecting was wasted efforts.

Learning to love myself while battling the feeling that I’m unworthy of love, due to being a failure is a major challenge. I wish I could go back to the time in my life where I was fearless and always saw the positive. Getting back to that person is so hard after hearing so much negativity for so long.

I am currently aware of my negative self talk and I am struggling with how to turn it off. In my last post I shared how uncomfortable I am and it makes me feel like a failure. I’m trying to cheer myself on for the small victories and not focus on the set backs. The set backs are how I derail and staying in them causes me to crumble.

BE KIND to everyone, you do not know what they are battling.

Also any tips on blocking the negative self talk are appreciated!






Have you ever been so uncomfortable that you felt like your life was spiraling out of control? Well, that is how I have been feeling for a few months now and the impact is not good.

My reality check today was being told “stop being so negative, it is not a good look on you”. The comment honestly made me a little mad at first due to the billion things on my mind that has impacted me, but then I opened my eyes.

My move and experience has not gone as expected.  I have been faced with far more challenges than I could have ever anticipated. I have flipped my life upside down and basically ever aspect of my life has changed. I am very uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable is scary and hard, which has lead to far too many complaints and self doubt.

I realize I need to lift myself up, face challenges one day at a time and lean on my support system. My support system is the only aspect of my life that has not changed. Currently I have only been able to find comfort in my support system and daily devotions. I pray that I soon find comfort in my job and new environment.

My last post I mentioned my health goal this year is focusing on my mental health.  A big part of what I have been focusing on is self awareness along with reflection. Being self aware can be hard and having loved ones point out the truth to me has been a blessing.

Recognize the blessings in your life and embrace uncomfortable change. I know I am going through this for a reason, even though that reason is not clear yet.

Proverbs 3:5-6




New Year, New Goals, New City



I introduced you to my mindset of goals vs resolutions in my 2018 Goals post.

Before I share my new 2019 goals I will update you on how I did in 2018.

My 2018 goals are listed below:

Health Goals:

  • Minimum of 60 minutes of cardio each week: Completed for majority of the year and fell off track towards the end of the year
  • Strive for 7-9 hours of sleep each night: I didn’t do a good job tracking, but feel I may have averaged closer to 6 hours a night. 

Mind Goals:

  • Read and learn more about blogging: I joined Indy Blog Society and met up with an Indy blogger to learn more .

Spirit Goals:

  • Visit 2 new states: Visited San Diego, CA in January and road tripped through OK in December.
  • Quarterly try something new that is outside of my comfort zone : First Quarter tried Thai food, 2nd quarter learned how to fish with open face fishing reel, 3rd quarter learned how to back a boat trailer and 4th quarter sold my first house. 

I have a lot of change happening in 2019. I have big news…. I am moving to Nashville, TN.

I will be relocating for my company to handle the middle Tennessee territory. I know the opportunity for my career is great, but I am still sad to say goodbye to my loved ones in Indianapolis.

My goals for 2019 will be focused on my mental and emotional health. I struggled a lot in 2018 in these areas and expect more struggle with all the upcoming change.


  • I plan on journaling at least weekly. I will be focusing on my thoughts and feelings to continuously grow.


  • Learn a new territory and new system at work


  • Read a page a day of 365 Moments of Peace for a Woman’s Heart
  • Travel to 1 new state and possibly another country

Proverbs 3:5

Onto the next adventure…