2021 Full of Love


A new year and new goals, but first let’s reflect on 2020 goals. I declared 2020 my Come Back year and it was that plus more than the goals I had laid out.

Health: I believe I was successful in my health goals by 80% . I carried around a gallon jug of water for half the year and in April took back control of my diet.

  • Increase my water intake to 8 glasses a day. I am really lacking on my hydration skills lately.
  • Reduce my junk food intake. I have gotten in a bad habit of chocolates, chips and fast food.

Mental: I was successful here as I hired a mindset mentor (see Turn the Light Back On), read 1 book and listen to 2 audio books. I also bought a house to regain my peace. I still have moments where I feel I need to please, but it didn’t rule me like it had in 2019.

  • Increase my business skills with monthly business development courses, books or coaching calls.
  • Reduce sacrificing my own physical, mental, and emotional health to please others.

Spirit: This was a half win as I did do daily devotionals, but it wasn’t always 30 mins. My negative self talk improved drastically after learning to forgive myself.

  • Increase my God time with at least 30 mins a day for daily devotions, readings and prayers.
  • Reduce negative self talk. Apply what Kristin Sharpe mentioned at Linda Toupin’s finale. When a negative thought arises say out loud, Stop! Be Gone.

My 2021 Theme: Love. Learn to love and accept myself where I am.

2021 Goals


  • Working on moving more with getting at least 8,000 steps in each day.
  • Intuitive eating to maintain weight vs macro tracking

Mental which I actually mean Mindset:

  • Read 8 books (image below).
  • Daily affirmations- write it in my journal and/or post on social media.


  • Daily devotional
  • More time in nature and taking quiet moments
  • Take a road trip with my sister

What is your theme for the year?

Happy New Year!



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