Facials and Fall Crafts


Friends, fall crafting and facials – what more could a girl ask for!?! Oh food… could ask for food, don’t worry there was plenty of that too!

My wonderful friend Elizabeth so graciously hosted Jenny and I for a fun night of fall crafting, facials, music videos, wine and yummy noms.

We each brought supplies for our crafts. I made the above canvases with the help of Jenny for penmanship , Ebeth made fall wreaths and Jenny painted a cute Halloween piece that lights up!

The table full of supplies shown below.

For the canvas project start with 3 blank canvases and select a base paint color. I used gold acrylic paint and used a sponge brush to paint with.

Then on the more narrow canvases I took leaves that I cut off of the string of leaves from floral section at Michaels (awesome deal of 50% off floral section) and used a glue gun to hot glue the leaves in a stacked and angled pattern.

For the center canvas I love the saying Gather Here with Grateful Hearts so Jenny first sketched it with a pencil. Then used a metallic gold marker to trace over and final touch was gold glitter paint on top. I then hot glued a ribbon across the top and Jenny made the bow to glue on top.

For Jenny’s project she purchased a wood sign that lights up to be painted and she did an awesome job bringing the sign to life!

Ebeth made 2 beautiful wreaths with fall floral pieces and ribbons then personalized each with letter cut outs.

We then moved onto facials. We tried a charcoal face mask as well as 24 kt gold face mask. I must say with the charcoal I’m glad I had some wine to numb me a little because ouch!

Sorry girls I know we all look so beautiful, but only fair to show what these mask look like!

The charcoal mask hurt pulling off for the fact of all impurities and any hair (watch your hair-line – ouch!) comes up with the mask when you peel it off.

Luckily the 24kt mask provided a cooling sensation after feeling like we ripped off parts of our face, but hey beauty is pain at times right!?!

The bad thing about the gold mask is you can’t really move as they slide real easy. The fact you can’t really talk that much is clearly a struggle for myself and my beautiful friends. How can you look like this and not laugh when ya look at one another!?!

Clearly these mask just made us even more beautiful 😁

I love these girls and always have so much fun no matter the activity! Make time to treat yourself and have fun with your friends, it is good for the soul!