Princess Status 


This is Pippa and she is a spoiled princess! Pippa is a Wheaten Terrier and approximately 10 years old. She has been my fur baby for the past 2 years and what an impact she has made! Besides the extreme love for Pippa she has also introduced me to additional responsibility. 

Growing up I always had an outdoor pet. I never had to worrying about a time schedule for letting them out and honestly I probably didn’t give them as much attention as they deserved. Pippa on the other hand snuggles with me, has play dates, birthday celebrations and enjoys her favorite, car rides! 

Since she has been so spoiled I think I have enabled some unfortunate behavior tied to separation anxiety. Pippa every now and then when I’m gone for longer than she likes will eat things. She has destroyed curtains, table clothes, cooler strap,shoe laces, reusable shopping bags and the scary part an electrical cord that was plugged in! 

As you can imagine early on several vet bills that added up fast! Pippa loved her vet staff, thank goodness as she was there a lot! Earlier this year that vet location was closing and sadly we had to find a new vet. Finding a location you feel comfortable leaving your fur baby is tough. 

Pippa was in serious need of having her teeth cleaned as sadly decay was present. The water additive and tooth brush bones were not enough and trying to brush her teeth was impossible ! Any tips of how to successfully brush your dog’s teeth without running away is appreciated! 

I took her to Binford Pet Wellness Center for her apparent fake out of a leg injury- yes I am a sucker! While there Pippa and I felt comfortable so I booked her teeth cleaning. After her visit they called to check up on her twice about her leg and then gave me a text reminder with steps to do prior to her teeth cleaning. After her cleaning they gave me a flier of info, called to check on her again twice and then sent this sweet card! 

I could not be more impressed with their customer service, amazing staff and welcoming environment! I highly recommend Binford Pet Wellness Center ! 

Cannot stress enough the importance of dental health for your pet! Make sure you keep an eye on those choppers!

Cheers to fresh dog kisses and happy tails !🐶