Pack it up


I have become a pro at packing! Currently living the nomad life with work trips and fitting in all the fun!

I may have overbooked my schedule with leaving the most time in between trips at 24 hours 😳.

When creating this crazy schedule the only way to manage is being super organized and lucky for me I’m so type A!

I have 5 suitcases with post it notes on them including the date and location to be able for grab and go situation.

The key is to have several suitcases and lots of clothes haha!

My process is to fill each bag with my checklist item that is listed below and I do follow this order:

  1. tennis shoes and workout attire for each day I will have time to workout
  2. socks- both for working out and fuzzy socks for night time
  3. PJs
  4. undergarments
  5. long sleeve shirt or zip up just in case
  6. any specific event attire- if there is a nice dinner, professional attire etc
  7. shoes, purse, jewelry for specific event
  8. Casual and dressed up attire- make sure you stick with a similar color scheme so that your shoes will match all outfits 
  9. Toiletries bag 

I alway pack a pair of tennis shoes, heels and flats that can match all my clothing options. 

If you are traveling where you need to take an air mattress my recommendation is to keep it in a tote like the Thirty-One utility tote pictured above. I keep the air mattress, pump, sheets and blanket in the bag ready to go. 

My next tip is getting by with carry-ons by using the rolling method. See below image of a dress that I am rolling. I will roll all my clothes except for my jeans. I find by rolling I can fit more and items end up less wrinkled. 

For my carry-on bag I always have my ziplock bag with 3oz bottles ready to go. My ziplock bag includes the following:

  • Toothpaste 
  • Perfume
  • Face wash
  • Moisturizer 
  • Dry shampoo 
  • Hair spray 
  • Antibacterial Hand sanitizer

I also pack this cute bag below with my hair brush/comb and make up.

As much as I try to prepare I always tell myself it is ok if you forget something as you can buy what you are missing. Sometimes hotels can even provide the toiletries for free. 

Safe travels and happy packing! 



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