Nom around Indy 


I LOVE FOOD! This summer Indy has made me so happy by giving deals on my favorite types of food! We have Nuvo to thank for this awesomeness!

Various foods were highlighted all around the city at discounted rates. Each type of food had a dedicated week and each restaurant put their spin on it.

If you love tenderloins you just missed the week of tenderloins. The above picture is from one of my favorites, as they truly are in my neighborhood George’s Neighborhood Grill. I was able to enjoy this amazing tenderloin on the patio with Pippa next to me! I love restaurants that allow dogs on the patio!

I also tried the tenderloin from Dooley O’Tooles and as you can see from the image below it was very impressive! This was my first time at Dooley O’Tooles as I had not hear of them prior to seeing them on the list for tenderloin week.

I enjoyed both tenderloins completely and for $4 each you cannot beat the amazing deal!

I also enjoyed burger week at restaurants I had never been to.  I love deals and being introduced to new places!

Burger, beer and tatchos!! What could be better?! Redemption Alewerks

Truffle and sweet potato fries and burgers!! Yes, please!  Flamme Burger

I have heard so many great things about BoomBozz Pizza and I was so excited that they were a part of pizza week!  The pizza, beer and salad exceeded expectations.

I could eat tacos every day of the week, so a taco week is perfect! I enjoyed tacos at Big Lug,   where I had the chicken #1 on the menu and the shrimp #2.

I love checking out new restaurants and visiting some of my favorites! My favorite time is when there is a deal on featured items!

Thank you to all the restaurants that participated! I look forward to visiting more restaurants for awesome noms!

Next up is bacon week !



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