Providing Comfort with Comfort Food


Cooler weather and stress bring on my desires for all the carbs that are tied to my favorite comfort foods. I’m sure am not alone in these feelings right?!

Today my parents were unexpectedly in Indy due to my cousin unfortunately having open heart surgery. During scary and stressful times I tend to want to help provide comfort with food in addition to silent prayers. I know not everyone handles stress the same way nor will everyone want food, but my family always loves food!

I knew my dad was really worried about his nephew. My dad is the baby of a large family and his nephew is not that much younger. Since there is not a large age gap they grew up together more like brothers and are still close today. Since the hospital is nearby my parents came over for dinner. I knew my dad needed some comfort, so I made his favorite comfort meal, which is basically all carbs!

The image above is my dad’s favorite which is ham and white bean soup, fried potatoes and corn bread topped with an onion slice.  I of course used my cast iron skillet for the potatoes and cast iron corn bread pan in the shape of corn cobs.

Recipe- Randall Beans and fill the jar 1/3 of the way with water and add along with small package of ham chunks with salt and pepper to taste on medium heat until boiling.

Cornbread- I use Jiffy and follow the recipe with the exception of adding a teaspoon of sugar.

Fried potatoes- Red potatoes were on sale at Fresh Thyme today for .77 per pound. I left the jackets on and diced them while 2-3 tablespoons canola oil heated in my iron skillet. Cook on medium heat until tender and I like to have them get a little crunching by cooking a little longer.

Funny how different foods bring comfort and a sense of nostalgia. I would say my speciality niche is comfort food as I like to provide that experience to those I share a meal with.

What is your favorite comfort food? Mine is meatloaf!

*Thankfully the surgery went well and praying for a speedy recovery.



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