Labor Day Fun


Labor Day weekend has always provided wonderful memories full of family time! Growing up my parents typically hosted the Labor Day cookout and now that I have my first home I have hosted the past 3 years. 

The menu included a basic salad, baked beans, macaroni salad, hot dogs and blended burgers, watermelon from my parents garden, dessert from Fresh Thyme- cookies and angel food cake.

For the burgers I decided I wanted to try something different! I took 1 piece of applewood smoked bacon, 1 piece of sirloin steak and 1 lb ground beef and blended with Weber gourmet burger spice and 5 leaves of fresh basil.When using a meat grinder be sure to cut the meat into small strips. A hamburger press is so helpful when making your own burgers! Side note I love my KitchenAid mixer and all the attachments! 

My wonderful dad was then the grill master for me and burgers turned out amazing!! 

Of course for the holiday weekend we needed some patriotic decor, paper products and I always love having fresh flowers around! 

We have been fortunate for perfect weather each year to enjoy the pool and a cornhole tournament! My cousin Bonnie and I were the champs this year!

I am beyond grateful for any time spent with my wonderful family. Time with them is full of laughter and smiles. They are the most positive, loving and kind people I know. 

Enjoy family and the last of summer!



Baby Got Brunch 


I LOVE brunch, 90s jams and I love supporting a good cause so Baby Got Brunch is happiness! 

The cause is feeding children faced with food insecurity – learn more at . 

First off in going to any festival with a group of friends I’m sure you’ve experienced the oh crap we lost so and so! The best way to keep your group together is to have at least one friend wear a hat or some type of easier identifier to be spotted in the crowd. My brunch outfit below came from the following places: Hat -Old Navy, Skirt and Crop– Jules Boutique in Goshen, IN and my shoes came from TJ Maxx


Now about the event! Indy’s first brunch festival and I hope it becomes an annual event! Who doesn’t love trying different foods, bottomless mimosas/ Bloody Mary’s and latte art competition! 

I will say I am glad that we arrived early as sadly venues ran out of food and there was a bottom to the mimosas as they ran out of OJ and champagne. My friends and I were able to try all the foods we wanted and I was so impressed by many options! I wish I had taken more pictures of the food, but that was a challenge with carrying food and drink. 

Here are some images of a few items we enjoyed.

My favorite was the lox bagel from Taxman Brewing  and I didn’t get a picture of it as I just consumed multiple samples 😋

I love coffee and was so impressed with ! 

I thought the event was well organized and not overly crowded, yet the lines for the bars were so long. The feedback I would provide is to have bars on opposite ends to help reduce lines and more high top tables to make sampling easier. I believe the vendors will know to adjust supplies as this was the first year and hard to know how much would be needed. 

Overall this was a wonderful event and hope to attend next year! 

Happy Brunching!



Art of Gifting 


The art of finding the perfect gift for loved ones takes time. They say it’s the thought that counts, but who really wants something that ends up in the regift pile 😜. 

Step 1- Know your budget. Depending on how close the person is to you and the type of event you are celebrating will play a factor.

 Step 2- Know the person’s top 2-3 hobbies and style.If you are getting a gift for an event that has a registry for goodness sakes buy off the registry! They told you what they want and there is no need to be creative! 

Step 3- Go shopping at places you know they like to go or have expressed interest in. 

As I have mentioned I am approaching 30 so as you can imagine lots of Dirty 30 Birthday celebrations. 

Here are a few ideas for some Birthday gifts:

For that friend who loves a lot of the same things as you gather a few of your favorite things! One of my best friends will be celebrating her last 20’s birthday this week and luckily we love a lot of the same things! We are both dog moms so the card must have dogs! We both hardly function without our coffee, so kcups. Fashion is our favorite, but instead of getting clothes I got her awesome lip color for her fall wardrobe that will look amazing with her skin tone! All of the previous items listed are from my favorite, TJ Maxx. Every day she lights a candle when she gets home so a candle with a funny saying that ties to an inside joke is perfect! This fun candle came from a local boutique in Fishers called Blue Peppermint. 

For the beer connoisseur turning 30 you can do 30 Beers for 30 Years. The reusable drink tub came from FiveBelow for less than $5 and I also bought the gold construction paper there for $1. I then printed the font and traced it on the gold paper so the letters would be even. I used tacky glue to glue onto drink tub. I then did a variety of beers for a total of 30 beers. I wrapped each in tissue paper partially for fear of bottles breaking and also wanting it to look decorative. Also be prepared this will be heavy!

Other ideas are themed gifts such as:

  • Golf- golf balls, tees, glove and ball markers
  • Pampering – bath robe, slippers and face masks, I love Dr. Jart brand! 
  • Cooking- go to a local restaurant or grocery store that sells spices and marinades to go with a cookbook or apron
  • Fitness- water or shaker bottle , fun saying workout top, gym bag 

I will do a future post on care packages. I tend to make care packages for those who are struggling with something. For example in the past I have made packages for friends going through a breakup, health struggles and even if they just need a pick me up. 

Happy gifting! 



Brunch to Blog


I love being the hostess with mostest and my friends love that I am this way! From hosting friendsgiving, Christmas cookie exchange to poolside brunch I always go all in from the food to the ambiance.

My last pool party brunch my friend Katie suggested I blog about my party hosting skills. I had never really considered starting a blog, but I journal every day.  The idea had me intrigued and started reaching out to other friends who have lifestyle blogs. Check out my friend’s blog as she has awesome content!

For me this blog will hopefully provide inspiration for others as well as help me journal through my chaotic life.

Now onto poolside brunch… the key is always a mimosa bar!  My friends are wonderful and bring the bubbly while I provide a spread. Quick and easy items to feed a large group include an egg bake along with fruit. The egg bake is so simple with a base of hash browns then any veggies and protein you would like with eggs, milk and cheese.  Recent easy cheat for a time crunch are waffles from the bakery section of Sam’s Club paired with Chic-fil-a chicken tenders for a fast serving of chicken and waffles!

Then you enjoy the pool with your favorites!IMG_9626